What is DevOps?

DevOps = Development + Operations

The term first came up at the Agile 2008 Toronto conference where Yhens Wasna and Patrick Debois discussed misunderstandings that arose between development teams and team that delayed project delivery. As of 2009, the term became popular due to the celebration of DevOps days in Belgium, which have later been replicated in various cities around the world.


On the one hand, there are the developers, who must develop a product as quickly as possible, without neglecting innovation and guided by a great tendency to change.


On the other hand, operations professionals must implement, configure and optimize resources for the correct functioning of the code, constantly seeking the stability of the system.


DevOps tells that the developers and Operations team should work together to ensure that they are providing a bug free, better software to the customers.



Let’s look at the agendas of this DevOps training:

DevOps Basics

This will include this course, you will learn the basics of DevOps, its methodology and techniques.

Integration between teams

This will include the knowledge of integration and communication between development, Operations and Quality Assurance team.

Delivery and Deployment

This will include the methods of delivery and deployment in DevOps.


Who should go for this Training and Certification-

  • Software Developers

  • Project Managers

  • IT Managers
  • Development Managers
  • Architects