Certified Scrum Master

What is a Scrum Master?

The Scrum Master is one of the roles of the Scrum framework. Scrum defines the following roles: Development Team, Product Owner and Scrum Master, each role has a different objective which creates a healthy balance in the Scrum team.

The Product Owner asks the development team to build the correct product. The development team aims to build the product correctly, with the required quality.

The Scrum Master seeks to empower both the Development Team and the Product Owner, he is responsible for the efficiency of the Scrum team and for the team to continually improve towards its best version.



The following will be the agenda for CSM virtual training session:


Learn Scrum Methodology

This will include the core concepts of Scrum and the role of Scrum in agile methodology.


This will include the ways to be a leader in the organization by ensuring each team are working with each other seamlessly.

Delivering deliverables

This will include the methods to ensure delivering the end product without any obstacles.


Who should go for this Training and Certification-


  • Product Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Team Leader
  • Business Analyst
  • Software Engineer
  • Development team member
  • Testers etc.

How to become Certified Scrum Master?

  • Take part in our Certified Scrum Master course interactive sessions

  • Study the course materials for better understanding

  • Take part in study discussions with the trainer and the other trainees

  • Take part in the Certified Scrum Master exam and pass the exam


What does a Certified Scrum Master do?

The Scrum Master fulfills different roles, including the main ones:

Trains the team and the organization

Certified Scrum Master teaches Scrum to the team, the Product Owner and the organization. It helps Scrum to be understood and can be adopted for the overall development of the organization.


Facilitates Scrum events

The Scrum Master leads and organizes each Scrum event (Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review, and Retrospective).


The Scrum Master is a helpful leader

The leadership approach of the Scrum Master is different from that of a traditional leader, the team is NOT at his service but on the contrary, the Scrum Master is at the service of the Scrum team for whatever it needs.


The Scrum Master serves the Product Owner in various ways

The Scrum Master helps the Product Owner ensure that the vision, objectives, and scope of the product are understood by the team, helping to have a prioritized, clear, and concise Product Backlog, removing impediments in more complex contexts.


The Scrum Master is the coach of the team

Coaching skills enhance the intervention capacity of a Scrum Master.


What will you get in this Training-

•            Training with assured success rate.

•            Training by Industry Expert PMP Certified Trainer.

•            Earn 35 PDUs

•            Help with your exam guidance.

•            Guidance with your registration process.

•            Lifetime Learning and Support

•            Help with your Resume Preparation.

•            Guidance in your job interview.

•            Help with your relevant Job.

•            Money Back Guarantee if you don’t like The Training.



What are the benefits of CSM training?

A certification in CSM will prove that the person is well versed with scrum masters so that If companies are looking for scrum masters, they can approach you. The increase of scrum masters is increasing day by day. So this course will benefit you a lot and also help you improve team management so that you can go ahead in your career

How can I prepare for the Exam?

Study and revise daily for at least 2 hours

When can I take the Exam?

Once your course is over, you can appear

Can I retake the exam if I fail?

Yes you can retake the exam if you fail

How much salary will I get after doing this course?

The salary increases about 10 to 20% after this course

Is CSM worth it?

If you want to become a scrum master and work as one in a company then yes CSM is worth it

Will CSM help me get my dream job?

Yes it will help you in getting your dream job

What is the validity of CSM Certification?

The validity is for two years only.

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