Data Analytics with R

Data analysis has become an important part of our daily lives and after this course you will learn to conduct data analysis by yourself. Gain insights from the data. The Data science project will be the core course component of this course. You will start doing analysis from a base level upto the final insights. The course will be using R which is a very widely used tool for data visualization and data analysis. You will also be given a background being the functional programming and will be presented to you for your development of knowledge. Data mining and data science techniques in R delivered in clear fashion together with assignments to make sure you understand topics.


Who is Data analytics with R for?

The target audience of this course are the ones who are beginners in data analysis. Students tend to take up this course often. It is also for those who love data.


  • Data Science project at the end of the course
  • Learn programming concepts
  • Conduct your independent data analysis
  • Learn by examples and exercises
  • Assignments after each section
  • Introduction to data science and analytics

R is a very popular computer language which is used for statistical and computing graphics. R provides a wide array of statistical tests and time-series analysis classification which makes a well designed with full user retention control.




 What are the benefits of Data Analytics for Lean Six Sigma? 

The Data Analytics for Lean Six Sigma certification will enhance your career opportunities. It enables you to be recognized as a professional who has enough experience in the field of project management and data analysis. You will learn many new skills that will enhance your knowledge in the field. The certification also enables you to earn more.

How can I prepare for the Exam?

Make sure to use a good Data Analytics for Lean Six Sigma preparation book to build your confidence and knowledge towards the exam. You can also try Data Analytics for Lean Six Sigma exam prep workshops and online practice exams.

When can I take the exam?

You can take the exam whenever you are ready, all you need to do is schedule a date from the nearest PMP test center.

Can I retake the exam if I fail?

Yes, if you fail in your first attempt, you can retake the exam for up to two more times within the one year eligibility period.

How much salary will I get after doing this course?

Based on research and analysis, it is seen that Data Analytics for Lean Six Sigma professionals seem to earn 30% more than non-certified professionals in the field of project management.

Is Data Analytics for Lean Six Sigma really worth it?

Yes, it helps to improve your career and your job prospects. It boosts your chances to land a job and also make you much more valued.

Will Data Analytics for Lean Six Sigma help me get my dream job?

Yes, this depends if your dream job is one in the field of project management and data analysis as the Data Analytics for Lean Six Sigma is a certification that enhances your chances in the project management scene.

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