Automation Testing

Automation testing is all about understating the fundamental principles and testing the software. The technique of automation testing involves writing test scripts or using automation testing tools. Test automation is used to perform automated repetitive tasks and other testing tasks that cannot be performed manually.

Automation testing is a technique to test and compare the actual outcome with the expected result. This can be achieved by writing test scripts or using any automation testing tool. Test automation is used to automate repetitive tasks and other testing tasks, which are difficult to perform manually.

Course Duration-

           4 months

Certification Exam-

           2-hour exam


Who should go for this Training and Certification-

Since automation testing is all about the mind, which means running the tests using software, anyone in any profession who holds a graduate degree can pursue it.

Why automation testing with Main Value? 

Automation testing is known for increasing the test coverage and also the depth and scope of tests. Automation testing will improve the quality of the software too. At times manual tests can end up un attending the lengthy tests, and this is where the automation testing will come and save your software. At the Main value, we will teach all the software so that you can run the tests efficiently without any hassle.

What will you get in this Training?

•            Our success rate of automation testing is 100%

•            Automation testing engineers will teach you this course

•            The trainers will guide you for your exams

•            You will get lifetime support and learning experience.

•            Our trainers will help you with writing your resumes

•            Lastly, if you are not happy with the Training, you will get your money back.




What are the benefits of automation testing training?

First of all, you could have a degree in any subject, and you still would be able to test the computer programs check their efficiency, and rule out the bugs; you will be able to run the configurations on multiple computers

How can I prepare for the ExamExam?

Preparing for this ExamExam is all about practicing and dedicating at least 2 hours daily to your course

When can I take the ExamExam?

You can take the ExamExam once your course is over

Can I retake the ExamExam if I fail?

Yes, you can take the re-exam, you can take it either in 30 days after the declaration of result, or you can appear for the course again and give your Exam

How much salary will I get doing this course?

The payment varies from company to company, but you can earn anywhere around 247,315 to 449,111 and more in some companies

Is automation testing worth it?

Thought this course isn’t appreciated, automation testing is worth it. It is the need of the hour as

Will automation testing help me get my dream job?

Yes, if you love to test software, you can land your favorite job after this course

What is the validity of automation testing Certification?

The validation of the certificate is for a lifetime.

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