Prince 2 Foundation and Practitioner

Complex Project Management is one of the hardest tasks and that is why companies need leaders who can lead the complex projects and to help you with that, there are different types of certifications out there and Prince 2 is one of them.

Prince 2 Foundation

If you are someone who wants to know about Prince 2 then is certification is for you. Through this, you will understand the basics of Prince 2. You will learn the techniques, methods of Prince 2. With this certification, you can claim that you have the quality to be a part of a big project, which is run by Prince 2.

Prince 2 Practitioner

If you are someone who is going to lead a project, then go for Prince 2 Practitioner. In this, you will learn to lead a project with Prince 2.



After getting these certifications, you will be able to land good jobs. And, from the company's perspective: the organization will get a quality leader who will be able to lead complex projects. And, also if the employees have this Prince 2 Foundation and Practitioner certification, the company will win the bidding of top projects.

Course Duration-

  • 4 Day Classroom/Virtual Training
  • Followed by Prince 2 Exam

Certification Exam-

  • Prince 2 Exam-4 Hour (200 Question, Objective)
  • Closed Book