The ITIL INTERMEDIATE-SERVICE OPERATION is one of the certifications that comes under the ITIL service lifecycle workstream. This module will mainly focus on the process and practice elements that can be added to management techniques which is implemented in the products and services of the business. These services also help in improving IT service management. The ITIL INTERMEDIATE-SERVICE OPERATION will teach you management and control techniques that are well documented in the ITIL Service Operation publication. Once the candidate has a good understanding over the service operation, they will be able to effectively sustain and maintain the products and services that they develop which will ensure that the resources are utilized efficiently.


Agenda/Schedule of Training


Module 1: Introduction to Service Operation

  • The purpose and objectives of service operation
  • The scope of service operation
  • Service operation’s value to the business
  • Service operation fundamentals
  • Stages of the service lifecycle


Module 2: Service Operation Principles

  • Achieving balance in service operations
  • Providing good service
  • Involvement in other lifecycle stages
  • Operational health
  • Communication
  • Documentation
  • Service operation inputs and outputs


Module 3: Service Operation Processes

  • The purpose and objectives
  • The scope of the process
  • Value to the business
  • High level process activities, methods and techniques
  • Triggers, inputs, outputs and interfaces
  • CSFs and KPIs
  • Challenges and risks


Module 4: Common Service Operation Activities

  • Monitoring and control
  • IT operations for management of the operational environment
  • Server and mainframe management and support
  • Network management
  • Storage and archive
  • Database administration
  • Directory services management
  • Desktop and mobile device support
  • Middleware management
  • Internet or web management
  • Processes in the other lifecycle stages
  • Facilities and data center management


Module 5: Organizing for Service Operation

  • Service operation function of the service desk
  • Technical management function
  • IT operations management function
  • Application management function
  • Organizational structures


Module 6: Technology Considerations

  • The generic requirements for service management tools
  • Event management
  • Incident management
  • Request fulfilment
  • Problem management
  • Access management
  • Service desk


Module 7: Implementation of Service Operation

  • Managing change in service operation
  • Service operation and project management
  • Risk in service operation
  • Operations staff involvement
  • Planning and implementing service management


Module 8: Challenges, Critical Success Factors and Risks of Service Operation

  • Challenges
  • Critical success factors
  • Risks


Who Should Learn this?

The certification is for the professionals who intend to seek ITIL expert certificate in IT service management. IT professionals that want to enter the service operation sector. This includes release managers, security administrators, application support, IT Operations Managers etc.



 What are the benefits of the ITIL INTERMEDIATE-SERVICE OPERATION?

The ITIL INTERMEDIATE-SERVICE OPERATION certification will help in increasing the candidate’s quality improvement. The certification also enhances the scalability of the organization. The certification is also aligned to the ISO 20000 standards of service management.

How can I prepare for Exam?

Make sure to use an ITIL INTERMEDIATE-SERVICE OPERATION preparation book to build your confidence and knowledge towards the exam. You can also try ITIL INTERMEDIATE-SERVICE OPERATION exam prep workshops and online practice exams.

When can I take the exam?

You can take the exam whenever you are ready, all you need to do is schedule a date from the nearest test center.

Can I retake the exam if I fail?

Yes, you can re-sit as many times as you need to pass the exam as there is not a limit on the number of resits in total or per year. Once you have passed the ITIL® 4 Foundation Exam, your certification will never expire

How much salary will I get after doing this course?

Based on research and analysis, it is seen that ITIL INTERMEDIATE-SERVICE OPERATION professionals seem to earn 30% more than non-certified professionals in the field of project management.


Yes, it helps to improve your career and your job prospects. It boosts your chances to land a job and also make you much more valued.

Will ITIL INTERMEDIATE-SERVICE OPERATION help me get my dream job?

Yes, this depends if your dream job is one in the field of service and operation as the ITIL INTERMEDIATE-SERVICE OPERATION is a certification that enhances your chances in the said sector.