PMP Exam to change from 2nd January 2021

Admin | 15 Oct 2020

According to the announcement made by the Project Management Institute (PMI), the PMP exam is going to witness a change in January 2021. Here, in this article, we are going to facilitate you with the best information regarding the same.

The main reason for the exam change is because the jobs as the project managers have seen a noteworthy change as well. The PMI is known to conduct research after a tenure of every 3-5 years. This is done with the intention of understanding the progression in the profession, emerging trends’ impact and the changing responsibilities of the noteworthy project managers. This research was last done during 2015 and led to the curation of the present PMP exam’s structure. 

A good number of subject matter experts hailing from the majorly renowned organizations work with Project Management Institute to notably formulate PMP’s future. As a result of this result, the new PMP Examination Content Online was formulated during 2019, June. Later on, the new outline associated with the PMP exam shall be facilitated on 2nd January 2021.  
According to a good number of researches, it has been notified that the new PMP exam outline is going to have three domains instead of the five performance domains currently. Do you want to know about what does the change from 5 to 3 domains means?

It means the following: 
•    The new outline shall prove to be radical. 
•    According to the notifications, the new PMP exam outline is going to expect the candidates to have experience in answering the 
        following domains-
-    Business Environment (8%) 
-    Process (50%)
-    People (42%)
-    The exam is going to be divided into two parts. The first one would be a representation of predictive project management. The other one would be the representation of the hybrid approaches. 
•    The Tasks and Enablers would be listed within each of those three domains that would be marking their existence in the brand-new online next year.